1. Reasons for damage to the upper and lower oil distribution pans and rotors:

(A) Insufficient oil suction capacity of the vane pump (the oil suction height of the oil pump is too high: usually not more than 500mm, the pump body is not filled with hydraulic oil during the initial start-up, and the oil inlet pipe is seriously empty)

(B) The hydraulic oil is severely contaminated, forming large shoe particles, or the filter screen is broken, and foreign matter enters the pump body, causing damage

(C) The matching clearance between the oil distribution plate, the rotor, and the blade is too small. Because the materials of the pump core components are inconsistent, the thermal deformation coefficients are different, and the higher the temperature is, the larger the gap is. (This phenomenon is reflected in the short time of the first use of the vane pump)

(4) The output shaft of the vane pump and the output shaft of the motor are not concentric or stand against each other. This will cause the rotor of the pump core to run and eccentric during the operation. This situation is reflected in the upper and lower oil pans. Edge wear

2. Causes of stator blade wear:

(A) The system oil temperature is too high (usually controlled within 60), which causes the friction surface between the stator and the blades to fail to form a protective oil film, and direct friction between the blades and the stator (high-pressure area) during operation can easily cause wear (Phenomena are wavy wear marks in the high voltage area of ​​the stator)

(B) The viscosity of the hydraulic oil is too large, and the blades are not smooth during work, that is, they cannot be thrown out in time, resulting in uneven force on some blades and fracture

(C) The hydraulic oil is too viscous, and the blades are not smooth during work, that is, they cannot be thrown out in time, resulting in unrecognized blades with uneven force and fracture.

(D) The material and heat treatment of the stator and the blade are improper. If the heat treatment of the blade is too hard, the toughness is lacking. When the working pressure difference of the blade pump is too large, the blade may not be able to withstand the pressure impact and be broken (mainly reflected in the same specification) Large displacement vane pumps, because the larger the displacement, the larger the working area of ​​the blades is), the broken fragments will directly damage the stator, and the high voltage area of ​​the stator will be damaged early because the blades are too hard.

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