Most people get less than four out of five stars, and there's no way to report freelancers you don't like until after the project has been completed. The only thing Freelancer has going for it is live chat support, which many users really appreciate. But this isn't enough to help it stay in the top spot. Freelancer also lacks some other features that make it a great freelancing platform, including a reputation system.

Work and Hire

If you're unsure of whether Work And Hire is the right option for you, look for the following attributes: high customer satisfaction, balance between price and quality, and ease of use. These features make Work And Hire the clear winner. This freelance job platform matches clients with freelance software developers based on their skills and experience. Its AI matches each client with the right person for the job. It also offers a project manager to oversee the entire project.

Freelancing Platform

Workandhire is the best freelancing platform by work and hire. It provides a platform for businesses to get quotes quickly from freelancers. It is easy to evaluate each freelancer's qualifications, save them to your favorites, and negotiate terms with them. Quotes on Workandhire are just the starting point, not the final price. You can negotiate rates and payment options with each freelancer.


If you're looking for a flexible way to get work done, Fiverr is one of the best options available. Its user-friendly interface and streamlined payment process makes it easy for anyone to use. As with other platforms, you can pay for individual projects or entire projects. You can connect to different payment platforms, too, which makes it more convenient for both buyers and sellers.


The CloudPeeps freelancing marketplace matches businesses with freelancers who are looking for new projects. The site is completely free to use, and Peeps can create a profile for themselves. Clients can post their projects on the site, and freelancers apply for them if they meet certain criteria. Clients are notified within 24 hours if they've been selected.


If you're a freelance designer, then you have probably heard of Coroflot. It connects designers with design work. Since the founders are designers themselves, they screen applicants for fit. Clients can find a designer who fits their needs by searching for freelancers in the queue. Other freelancing platforms for designers include Authentic Jobs, Gigtree, and Upwork.


If you're looking for remote work or freelance jobs, Flexjobs is the right choice for you. There are over 30,000 positions available in over 50 categories, and the site has an excellent reputation for screening job offers. Moreover, its personalized advanced search tool makes it easy to narrow down your search to those that match your preferred type of work. Besides, it has helpful customer support representatives that can help you with your career choices.


The Upwork platform allows freelancers to bid for orders. There are no fixed price requirements and no hourly rates, so freelancers set their own prices. Clients must deposit the payment into an escrow account and will release it once the job is finished or the project reaches certain milestones. Nevertheless, some freelancers use damping to reduce their pricing range, which makes some Upwork jobs unaffordable for those with higher skill levels.