Suddenlink emails are one of the widely used email services used by millions of users. If you use this email service, you can easily access emails from anywhere and at any time. In fact, you can also send photos, videos, files and documents across the globe without much hassle. As it is highly user-friendly and compatible it is used by many users. Plus, to ensure that everyone is receiving equal and seamless service, the company provides different email ids to business and residential customers. And that’s not the end; it also enables the users to add suddenlink email to outlook. Yes, you have heard that right. So, if you are keen on suddenlink outlook email settings, this post is all you need. We will take you through all the necessary steps to configure suddenlink email in outlook.

How To Set up Suddenlink Email in Outlook?

To get Suddenlink email settings for outlook 365 the right way, you have to follow these steps mentioned below:

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  • Choose ‘File’ and then move to ‘Add account’.
  • Now, you have to manually set up suddenlink account and then click on ‘Next.’
  • Choose IMAP or POP and click ‘Next.’
  • Now, you have to enter the following details:
  • Type in your username that will be featured whenever you send emails.
  • Enter your Suddenlink email address.
  • Choose your account type, POP3, or IMAP.
  • For incoming mail server, type in or
  • For outgoing mail server, type in
  • Then enter your username and password.
  • Now, click on more ‘Settings’
  • Navigate to the Outgoing Server tab and select the box saying ‘My outgoing server requires authentication.’
  • Thereafter, you have to enter a series of important data for the server port number and then click ‘OK’ for the Suddenlink email setup outlook.
  • Make sure the incoming server type is POP3 and the port value should be 110 or IMAP with a port value of 143.
  • Ensure that the outgoing server (SMTP)‘s port value if 25 or 587.
  • Then click on ‘Next.’
  • Now, you have to choose the ‘test account settings option’ and thereafter, Outlook will verify the account settings and confirm configuring a Suddenlink email account in outlook.

By following all the above-mentioned steps, you can be successful in adding suddenlink email to outlook. That said, suddenlink email settings outlook may sound simpler but you have to follow all the steps in detail to make sure that the account is launched properly.

In fact, if you need to find an email password on suddenlink outlook, you can reach there too through suddenlink email outlook settings.

If you find any issue, you can always call for professional support. You can take expert’s help in suddenlink outlook email settings. They will guide you throughout the process which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Suddenlink net Email Settings for Windows Computer

Suddenlink Email Settings: If you are thinking about how to set up a email account? You have come to the right place. For the comprehensive Suddenlink account setup, you need to apply detailed Suddenlink email settings, which comprise of POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings. If there is an error with your email settings, then you may face problems while sending or receiving emails.

Read this article in detail to know the stepwise email settings for your device or email client. The steps are very easy to follow and execute; you can set up your Suddenlink account within a matter of minutes without any hassle.


Whilst setting up your email account, you will need to enter some important information/details such as Suddenlink IMAP (POP) settings, Suddenlink SMTP settings, Username, etc. All these important details must be entered without any error, so be careful while entering the information. Without the proper Suddenlink email settings, you will not be able to access your Suddenlink mail on different devices or email clients such as android, iPhone, Outlook, Incredimail, etc.

Suddenlink POP Settings (Incoming Mail Server)

  • Suddenlink Mail IMAP server account type: POP
  • Suddenlink Mail IMAP user name: Your full Suddenlink Mail email address.
  • Suddenlink Mail IMAP password: Your Suddenlink Mail password
  • Suddenlink Mail IMAP hostname:
  • Suddenlink Mail IMAP port: 110
  • Suddenlink Mail IMAP TLS/SSL required: NO

After applying the above-mentioned IMAP settings, you will be able to receive emails. But you also need to apply the SMTP settings separately for being able to send emails. SMTP Settings (Outgoing Mail Server)

  • Mail SMTP server account type: SMTP
  • Suddenlink Mail SMTP user name: Your full Mail email address.
  • Mail SMTP password: Your Suddenlink Mail password
  • Suddenlink Mail SMTP hostname:
  • Suddenlink Mail SMTP port: 25
  • Suddenlink Mail SMTP TLS/SSL required: NO.

If you face any kind of issues during the configuration process of email settings on any device take advice from the Suddenlink Email team.