Any container that comes with a cover and is used for the purpose of storing food so that it does not turn bad or loses flavor is called a food saver. Thus, whether you use plastic containers, zip lock bag, canisters, storage tins, cookie jars or freezer bags to preserve the life of eatables, all of them fall in this category. The most common types of food savers that you will find in a majority of households are recycled plastic containers such as those that are used for margarine packaging and zipped bags. These are extremely easy on the packet and offer an economical solution to the problem of food storage as well as wastage.


A number of people also use food sealers for preserving various edible items in their pantry and refrigerators. Simply defined, a food sealer is a saver with a Vacuum Sealers seal. These are ideal for use when storing edible items for a longer period. These storage bags come with a small device that sucks out all the air from the package once eatables have been inserted in it. This increases the shelf life of the edible items, maintains their freshness and prevents them from going bad due to freezer burn. Placing dry goods such as flour, popcorn, dry fruit, past, corn meal and dried beans in vacuum-sealed food savers will ensure that these items remain fresh and flavorful for a longer period and do not go bad due to insect infestation.


The freshness of items such as meat and fish can also be retained for a longer period by storing them in vacuum-sealed packages. In fact, meat and fish stored in vacuum-sealed plastic bags or containers taste just as fresh as when bought from the market even after two years. Many people who have a vegetable garden or who prefer buying edibles in bulk quantities can also use these savers and sealers to store their bounty for year round use. Opened packages of frozen and canned foods also last longer in the freezer when stored in vacuum-sealed packages that ensure that there is no loss of flavor either.


Apart from being an effective tool for food preservation, these vacuum-sealed packages and bags also aid in bringing down your grocery bills as the leftovers that you would earlier throw away can now be stored safely in your pantry or fridge and can last for months or even years until their next use.