Handprints Turramurra is a wonderful space for children, families and educators and reflects our Philosophy through the physical and social environments. We will continue to use high quality teaching strategies including utilising small groups so children can learn from each other as well as their teachers and an indoor/outdoor flexible program. Turramurra Preschool

Our Turramurra educators and children have also begun venturing out on excursions for children of all ages. They visit the local growers’ market and the playground down the road, to ensure children are building connections with the community and learning to live in the real world. We value a slow increase in numbers of children into the service, giving the educators the time to get to know each individual child and family, and ensure we are finding ways to value their personal experiences and family culture within our environment. Turramurra Childcare

Our Philosophy

We offer an open-minded, exploratory method of early-childhood learning that encourages diversity, flexibility and relationship-building. Geared towards student-directed activities and play, children learn through experience: touching, tasting, smelling; using all of their senses to communicate and absorb the wonders of their quickly expanding worlds.