The most recent solo dungeon found in Lost Ark is Thronespire, set in a bizarre demon-infested world Lost Ark Gold. Thronespire is a time-based game in which players with an item level that are at least 1325 will be able to advance through 50 levels, if they beat the timer in each level. Every level that is completed gives first-time clear rewards that last until level 25. while the last 25 levels are all about the prestige of completion, time and bragging rights. The new Event Island, Heartbeat Island is a tranquil spot where you can relax at the beach and gather Festival Coins from island activities for a variety of rewards.

To combat Lost Ark's growing bot problem, a innovative CAPTCHA system is being developed which will require players to enter the CAPTCHA frequently upon entering the new zone. Although this could be useful in battling bots, it could prove to be a source of controversy for a lot of players. Still, the continued efforts to ward off bugs and bots along with the weekly content drops is a positive sign of Lost Ark's future.

Lost Ark is Getting Witcher 3 DLC

For an MMORPG that has existed for nearly 3 years now, Lost Ark has been consistently bringing new content to keep its players attached. Although the game only become available to western players earlier in the year, Lost Ark has actually become a major hit throughout South Korea since launching in late in 2019. Part of the reason is developer Smilegate's eagerness to keep the game interesting and fun for both new and veteran players. At times, Smilegate will even go an extra mile and work with major brands in the gaming industry for example, The Witcher for example.

In a showcase event for summer held recently, Smilegate announced loads of new updates coming to Lost Ark, particularly those for the South Korean version of the game, ranging from a new damager class called Aeromancer to a special DLC that is themed to The Witcher 3 CD Projekt Red's The Witcher 3. The collaboration is scheduled to launch on the Korean servers in the winter months Lost Ark Gold for sale but it's unclear at time whether it will be available for the western version too.