Also forgot Animal Crossing Bells to mention the bit where Melvin's parents did not need to realize their son humiliated so that they talked to their friend at the country club who runs Robingoods, the shipping service which delivers people their Nintendo's.

The parents in the country club forced Robingoods to stop delivery to Kevin and his friends. Which they did but soon realised it's prohibited to mess with folks mail, so they started delivering but they left them send the Nintendo's to Kevin and his buddies by cart and horse instead of trucks, to slow down things. But it is irrelevant since Kevin has made lots more friends throughout the world now. Ape's together strong

My brain hurts from all these words. But I have to know one more thing, until I feast on more paint chips; Who's owed the interest about the shorts? Who gets all this money that's really expensive for Melvin? The ape hive mind has persuaded me that Melvin is paying billions or millions on interest. Where does all this go? But well it's just money I'll work more selfemployed and make it back I've cash stashed and money owed outside to me. My invoices are paid for a Month or 2 but none of that pales compared to this????????? I'll loose money if this means billionaires do exactly the same.

Counter point: What if GameStop is intending to issue more stock to the people that shorted them at current market cost? Well if they did this, the company becomes financially ready to reevaluate itself and the inventory might actually become value what market cost is. $15 Billion to get 50M stocks is a great deal of money afterall. Can I be the only one who is wondering why GameStop hasnt said a fucking word about anything? My retarded ass thinks this might be why. However, what the fuck do I know? I like the inventory. I sadly cannot buy the inventory cause broke bitch. The pandemic, student debt and my medical problems have hurt me financially and I am only gonna try it once I know I am okay on meals. But in solidarty of those who could get inventory with $GME: Hold that inventory with???? I was able to build it up to double the amount through hard work and sacrifice. In 2008 the real estate debacle occurred and the marketplace was again shorted practically out of existence. It's a concerted effort by the banks banks and hedge funds to steal government elections and money in addition to our private money. The government has produced a retirement account system for us the depends only on the stock market to build our future on. I'm within a couple of years of retirement today and when I can stick it back up their ass and get rich doing it, I am proud to join you retards and fight these buy animal crossing bells new horizons assholes. I will be with you into the end, diamond palms!