Radio frequency identification technology is an automatic identification technology rising in the 1990s.

RFID, also known as radio frequency tag, transponder, data carrier; Reader is also called readout device Scanner, reader head, communicator, reader writer (depending on whether the electronic tag can rewrite data wirelessly).

The spatial (contactless) coupling of RF signals is realized by coupling elements; In the coupling channel, energy transfer and data exchange are realized in chronological order.

The difference between RFID anti metal tag and RFID electronic tag is that RFID anti metal tag adds an anti metal material on the original basis, which can prevent the tag from bonding with metal objects. It is called RFID flexible metal label.

What industry is suitable for use? RFID the following is the introduction of flexible anti metal labels. Application scenarios of rfidhy cooperative enterprises.

The customer is an electronic equipment company, and needs a flexible anti metal tag in the RFID product chassis to track it assets. Its smooth surface can be installed into the exposed part of the enterprise it server and equipment.

Flexible metal labels are specially designed for sticking to metal surfaces.

It has the characteristics of long reading distance, high sensitivity, small size and convenient installation.

The surface can print or print visual data.

Features of flexible anti metal label:

1. Users can customize the standard data of RFID anti metal electronic tags to make the special application system faster.

2. The flexible RFID anti metal tag is suitable for the frequency hopping working mode with super anti-interference ability.

3. The effective reading distance of flexible RFID anti metal tags can reach more than 8 meters (related to readers and antennas)

4. The flexible RFID anti metal electronic tag adopts ultra wide working frequency band design, which not only conforms to relevant industry regulations, but also can be flexibly developed and applied.

5. It can read and write multiple flexible RFID tags at the same time, which is not limited and affected by the number of tags in the work area, and is resistant to metal tags (more than 50 / s).

6. The storage area is for users to encrypt, read, write, erase and then write operations, and open up a permanent dedicated word area for designated users.

7. The flexible RFID anti metal electronic tag does not need a battery, and the memory can be rewritten more than 10000 times, with an effective service life of more than 10 years and high cost performance.

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