In a century ago, need of electricity in car limits only to power the spark plugs and possibly lights, the sound signal is fed manually horn but the energy demands of modern vehicles has increased by one, or even two orders of magnitude. With the raise in demand of car batteries in automotive industry, Amaron car battery dealer developed range of batteries that are highly durable, reliable and easy to use. The Amaron car battery is manufactured based on in depth knowledge of current and upcoming needs of customer in mind. The mechanism on which car battery work is to converts chemical energy into electrical energy for later return. It helps both the operation of your car and your comfort. Car Battery near me

On passenger cars as a starter lead acid batteries are used. Amaron car battery price is reasonable if you buy online. Also while buying car battery following parameters should be taken into account:

Ampere Hour (Ah):

It is the capacity of a battery, that is, the amount of electricity that can store a battery. The more "Ampere-Hour" has a battery, the longer it takes to download, so it will be more difficult to run out of battery (for example, if we are connected electrical appliances). 44Ah is advisable capacity of battery.

Amperes (A) of start ability:

 It is the amount of energy that can provide cold battery to start the vehicle. The larger, more easily start the car. Buy car battery with amount of energy of about 440A.


The engine compartments are becoming tighter, so it is necessary to know the maximum size of the battery fits in the hole for us to it. It is often not possible to mount a battery size load characteristics and higher startup.

Position positive terminal:

The terminals are metal ledges where the positive and negative poles of the battery are located. Normally, if we put the battery with the closest to the front terminals, the positive terminal is on the right, but 5-10% of cases you will find on the left. It is important to note the position of the positive terminal because you cannot change the polarity of the vehicle.

Start & Stop:

 If the car has this system of fuel that the engine when the car stops, should set up a system specially designed for that battery.