Stop Digging is a Swedish firm that can provide you with one of the best options for your projects of construction. They invented and created the ground screw, and today provide not only top-quality products but also fantastic installation services that exceed requirements. The modern and efficient ground anchor is designed to suit small and big construction projects. Therefore, no matter how large your construction project is, it is possible to rely on stopping Digging and they'll ensure that your project is completed efficiently. Through their highly-specialized services, you will save:

  • time
  • energy
  • Money

They are proud to install ground screws in a broad array of projects that span the entire length and breadth of New Zealand & Australia. It doesn't matter what the season or weather you need to contact these expert installers and they'll manage the entire project with a zealous attitude throughout the year. They will take your ideas and then end up making a sturdy and solid base for you to finish your project.

Ground screws come with a variety of attachments to suit different kinds of installation. Through their clever accessories, the screws can be used for:

  • Anchor fences for building
  • sheds
  • flagpoles
  • modular structure NZ
  • noise barriers
  • solar panels
  • greenhouses
  • conservatories

With anchor screws, the procedure will be made easier and you will be able to build an even foundation. This means that you can begin the building process quickly and swiftly. Stop Digging provides screws in a variety of sizes and models. Thus, whatever project you are thinking of Stop Digging's screws will be able to handle the task flawlessly.

Fast Installation

The most appealing thing is that ground screws are less damaging and debris to the surrounding region during the foundation stage. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? The installation of a ground screw can be completed in just a couple of hours, causing no tension or discomfort. Simply stop Digging and our experts will help you build your project in the shortest possible time.

High-Quality Ground Screws

All screws supplied from Stop Digging for Modular building NZ are developed and produced in Sweden. They are therefore able to stand up to the tough Nordic climate. They've been tested in the toughest conditions possible, which ensures that they have the best quality.

Professional Team

The Stop Digging team Stop Digging thoroughly tests and approves a brand new model. The Stop Digging team is composed of:

  • Highly experienced engineers,
  • Designers
  • consultants

Because of their rigorous development that they ensure the best quality in their products. You can invest in them and be sure that they won't be rusty, they are strong and can be easily removed and reused with no difficulties. Therefore, it is stated that these ground screws were made to last and are designed to last.

Transportable building NZ

Ground screws are employed to construct Transportable building NZ a plenty.  They make the entire procedure very simple and that is why their demand grows significantly. Stop Digging have a long-standing partnership with a handful of suppliers from Asia that have made high-quality ground screws for the company for many years. When you need Transportable building NZ and Stop Digging assist you!