There are various practical as well as successful examples of online social media services available in the global online market namely Facebook clone, Instagram clone, Twitpic clone, Twitter clone, and many more. But, out of them, Pinterest clones gain the attention of a large amount of the global audience. Now, we will give a short brief regarding the term Pinterest clone script in the upcoming next section of our article.

You, as an admin, can allow your users to use multimedia formats such as images, photos, short videos, GIFs, animation, and various others to execute the social media services with the help of Pinterest clone script PHP. An entrepreneur can utilize these social media services as the catalog of ideas that inspires other users to execute or perform that particular thing in real-time by using advanced technologies of the Pinterest clone script. 

Now, we will focus on various remarkable features of Pinterest clone that offers an interactive online social media platform to the users across the globe in the following section of our article.

Remarkable features of Pinterest clone to standardize your online social media startup described below:

  • Visual Search Feature

You can offer this miraculous feature to your users so that they can discover or explore the entire social media platform based on their particular image or photos. With the help of this unique feature, your users can search for their favorite or selected content by an image. In this manner, they can receive the required final results by uploading pictures or photos to the online social media platform by using the Pinterest clone. 

  • Following Feature

Your users can follow as well as unfollow numerous other users and boards having different interests or topics by using Pinterest clone script PHP. In this manner, the content of multiple numbers of users and boards fills the home feed with the useful and important content that attracts customers from all over the world with the use of the Pinterest clone script.

  • Explore Feature

You, as an admin, can allow your users to explore various content through the guided search facility which provides the keyword suggestions while entering the search terms that will narrow down the final results as per their preferences. Your users can find, search, and discover the different types of pins from various topics and users by using this extraordinary feature of the Pinterest clone.