Being a Madden cover athlete is a privilege, and there's nothing better to honor that late John Madden than by featuring his name on the cover the next season's game Madden 23 Coins. We're certainly not the only ones with this thought. Social media is filled with supporters who are calling for John Madden to appear on the cover of Madden 23.

EA typically waits until the summer before revealing the character for the new game however in this case I believe we already know who should be the cover athlete. John Madden should be the protagonist of Madden NFL 23. Do it, EA.

Will Madden 23 be revealed this month at the NFL Draft this month?

The 2022 NFL Draft is just weeks away. The Draft will be held on the 28th of April on a Thursday. The Draft is among the most thrilling events for football fans as it offers hope for our favorite team's future. It also means that we're a move closer to launch in Madden 23.

It has been the case that EA previously used its NFL Draft as a platform to announce its upcoming Madden game for the coming year. Madden 20 was announced on the first day of 2019 NFL Draft in April, with EA making public the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback as the main player. We had to wait until EA Play in the summer to see the actual game play out.

Madden 21 was revealed a few days following the 2020 NFL Draft, but it took a while before we were able to actually play. We were told at the time that Lamar Jackson was going to become the game's cover star, but that was about it.

For Madden 22, EA chose a totally different approach and didn't announce the game until June, just a few months prior to the game's launch in August. It's the longest fans had to wait for the announcement the game Mut Coins Madden 23, it's possible it was something to do with the transition to the next generation.