On Twitch, players being banned during live broadcasts can be frustrating. Popular and respected streamers often encounter this situation, and there is no explanation. In some way, people who should have been banned can completely avoid this situation. TinyViolin69, as a "World of Warcraft" streaming media, causes controversy in one way or another, but also unites the audience in different ways.

The sadness in "World of Warcraft" makes TinyViolin69 notorious for its sadness. Technically, it cannot be said to be cheating. This method actually makes other players' games worse. Just one item does not make it a ban. Simultaneously run 16 different accounts that are all paid on the streaming media.

The World Buff website has always played an important role in World of Warcraft. For those other players who have not done this, the players who strive to achieve the hard work required to succeed have a greater advantage than them. TinyViolin69 spent a lot of time in order to disrupt other people's games. After being acquired, the player's gain was immediately dissipated. Players and spectators do not like their approach.

The general consensus is that most people believe that the ban on r/livestream is deserved. His actions did not add anything to the game in any way. The decision to broadcast live for everyone to watch is even more shocking. Blizzard did not disclose how long the WOW Classic Gold ban will last. It is difficult for him to solve the problem of TinyViolin69's popularity by simply creating a new account.

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