A high-level, exclusively object-oriented programming language is Java. Among other OOP languages, it is well-liked because it is a multithreaded, robust, secure, and platform agnostic programming language. In addition to being widely employed in the development of software, web, and mobile applications, it is also utilised in big data analytics and server side technology. Let's examine the features of java.

Sun Microsystems Inc. began creating software for electronic devices in 1990. The Stealth Project was the name of this endeavour (later known as Green Project). The project was established in 1991 by Bill Joy, James Gosling, Mike Sheradin, and Patrick Naughton. Gosling chose to utilise C++ to create this project, but the main issue he ran into was that C++ is a platform-dependent language and could not be used with various processors used in electronic devices. Gosling began creating a new language that can be used on several platforms as a solution to this issue, and this gave rise to the most well-known, platform independent language known as Oak.

Why is Java so Popular? 

The platform independence of Java is the primary justification. Because of the Java Virtual Machine, programmers who created their software on one platform can now execute it on any other platform or operating system, regardless of the underlying configuration. In other words, Java adheres to the WORA principle, which stands for Write Once Run Anywhere. In addition, Java offers protection against the threats of virus infection, tampering, impersonation, and eavesdropping. The features of Java also offer the ability to construct several threads inside a single process that operate independently and concurrently. In addition to them, Java's performance is outstanding. It makes use of a JIT (Just In Time) compiler, which can only compile the method that is being called and not the entire programme.

Top Java Features


Another feature of java, Java is a straightforward programming language that is simple to learn since it lacks the intricacies found in earlier programming languages. Given that Javasoft must run on electronic devices with limited memory and resources, minimalism was actually a design goal.


Due to the fact that Java is an object-oriented programming language, every code in Java is expressed in terms of classes and objects. What is an object, then? An object is nothing more than a physical thing that can stand in for any person, place, or thing while yet being unique.

Platform Independent

Another feature of java, the developers at JavaSoft set out to create a language that would be compatible with every platform. Platform in this context refers to a class of operating system and hardware technology. Java gives programmers the flexibility to create their code on any machine with any configuration and run it on any other machine with a different configuration.