The main protagonist in the Chargers cartoon are stars such as quarterback Justin Herbert, cornerback J.C. Jackson Running back Austin Ekeler as well as high-rated Madden 22, linebacker Joey Bosa Madden 23 Coins. Joey Bosa will need to face his own brother Nick when the Chargers go up against the San Francisco 49ers come week 10. It's the sight of head coach Brandon Staley fighting Andy Reid inside their quarterback mechs, the team discussing the Seattle Seahawks losing Russell to the Denver Broncos, or their Los Angeles rivals the Rams literally burned their draft choice, there's something for anyone.

NFL Teams continue to connect with other industries such as gaming far beyond the yearly launch of a new Madden game. For instance for instance, Dr. Disrespect recently showed up on draft night to announce the 49ers third-round selection. Perhaps more football teams should think about creating their own anime trailers. Afterall, Tom Brady's life is full of excitement and wins for his own storyline in anime.

Madden 23: Cooper Kupp deserves to be featured on the cover of Madden 23, which is why we've chosen to include Cooper Kupp.Since Super Bowl LVI has come to an end, we are able to discuss players who we think should be listed on the back of Madden 23.One of these players is Cooper Kupp, a player whom we believe to be an best choice for the Madden 23 player on the cover. That's the reason why we decided to include him on a cover ourselves.

Let's reveal the details of our Madden 23 concept cover and why Cooper Kupp deserves to be our next cover athlete.Madden 23 Cover ConceptSome may think it's too far away to be making Madden 23 cover ideas We don't shy away from making predictions.As we said above We believe Cooper Kupp will be the next cover-athlete after Madden 23 is announced. Although we won't find out for some time so we decided to take it into our own hands and come up with an idea for a Madden 23 cover courtesy of our design team.

COVER CONCEPT The cover concept is: Can Cooper Kupp make the Madden 23 coverWe love this concept for this year's Madden 23 cover, and Cooper Kupp is a great option as the cover athlete. To argue for Kupp to become the cover athlete and to give you a rundown of his accomplishments from this season in Madden 23 Coins Cheap the section below.The reason Cooper Kupp should be the Madden 23 cover athlete