Leonard's Clippers blew a 3-1 lead throughout the Playoffs in 2020 . However, an injury forced Leonard off the 2021 postseason 2K23 MT. Still, Leonard is a lockdown defender (two-time defensive player of the year) and an outstanding scorer (24.8 ppg in last season's season), and a clutch player (two-time Finals MVP).

You won't get a Most Valuable Player award and not be among the top players during the next season. This is exactly what Nikola Joki? did in keeping in the Denver Nuggets relevant after the loss of Jamal Murray with a stat line of 26.4ppg, 10.8rpg, and 8.3apg.

The biggest criticism against Joki? In the past, he was a bit too passive to be a star player. He also increased his scoring output while still being able to share the ball, making his a threat in several ways. Any team that has Joki? as a middleman, will move the ball effectively and score a lot of points.

With Sue Bird's leadership and veteran know-how have kept Seattle Storm in the top leagues for so long, Seattle Storm as a top WNBA team for years There's no doubt that Breanna Stewart will be the star. In fact, Stewart holds the title of the best player on the NBA 2K23 league and this is for a reason.

Stewart's track record speaks for itself by winning two WNBA titles, two Finals MVP awards, an Rookie of the Year award, and league MVP award in 2018. This isn't covering it all. It's only 27, and she's in her fifth season, so there's a high chance she'll only get better.

As opposed to that of the Madden NFL franchise in NBA 2K23 there are no players who join the "99 Club." Furthermore, the players with the highest ratings in the game are actually associated with a 96 overall NBA 2K23 MT. This is an interesting fact which allows players to attempt to improve their most successful players in the league in MyLeague (or MyGM mode.