If you're looking to grow your business by partnering with a digital business services company, you may want to learn more about the MyWiT initiative from MDEC. These companies are looking to hire qualified workers and create more than 6,000 new jobs. In return, the companies are providing the necessary infrastructure and training for new tech professionals. The criteria for joining the MyWiT program are flexible and subject to change. Read on to find out more.

The MyDigitalWorkforce Work in Technology initiative is a government program that offers incentivised salary packages and digital-skill training to companies that hire Malaysians to work in high-demand jobs in the digital sector. The initiative aims to attract new business in Malaysia by boosting the employment rate and enhancing competitiveness of the local digital talent pool. This programme is being conducted with the support of the Federal Government and MDEC, which is a key player in the digital sector.

Under this initiative, mywit digital business services offers incentives to companies that hire Malaysians for their digital-skilling projects. Under the scheme, companies can get up to RM5,000 per pax for the training. To qualify, companies must enroll their workers in Career Upgrade courses in MDEC's Digital Skills Training Directory. MYWiT has two stages. The first stage is to find the right candidate to undergo training. Once they have chosen a suitable candidate, they can submit an application for Stage 2.

If you are interested in working in a growing tech startup, you should check out the Job Openings at MyWiT. This digital business services company is seeking to recruit tech-savvy individuals to join its team. This new initiative aims to spur on 300 companies to create more than 6,000 new job opportunities and train some 1,000 new tech-savvy individuals in the process. The criteria for the recruitment process is updated every few months, so be sure to check the MyWiT website for the latest information.

MyWiT, a new initiative in the digital business services sector, offers employment incentives to companies that create or expand digital business services in Malaysia. The new initiative aims to attract 300 digital business service companies to create more than 6,000 jobs and a thousand new tech professionals by 2020. While the criteria for qualifying for these incentives may change from time to time, these programs are designed to encourage the creation of new digital businesses in Malaysia.

MyWiT is a program that provides employers with incentive packages in order to attract unemployed youths and graduates to digital business services jobs. The government-funded program aims to attract new talent in high-demand sectors by offering salary and training subsidies to qualified applicants. Participating companies will be able to submit claims for the reimbursement of their expenses on a monthly basis. Companies must certify all of the information they submit.