Have you decided to build greenhouses, sheds, conservatories, park benches or a carport NZ? Let Stop Digging help you! This is a reliable company that can take care of your construction projects. They designed and developed the ground screw and now offer not only top-notch quality products but also amazing installation services that meet the standards. This modern and cost-effective ground anchor is suitable for both large and small construction projects. No matter the size of your project, just trust Stop Digging and you won’t regret it. They pride themselves on installing ground screws for a wide range of projects the length and breadth of New Zealand & Australia. These experts take your ideas and end up creating a stable and strong foundation for you to complete your project on time and at a very affordable price. 

There are many benefits you will enjoy if you choose Stop Digging. You will save:

  • energy
  • time 
  • money 

Anchor screws are an innovative solution that work the same way as a concrete post or pier block, whilst outperforming it across the board. They are a perfect solution and can simplify the process. As a result, you will be able to set out a stable foundation and start the construction process easily and fast. These ground screws exceed requirements of the Building Code Deck NZ which means they are perfect for creating foundations for a wide range of applications. 

Another great benefit ground screws are famous for is that they provide less damage and mess to the surrounding area during the foundation stage. You won’t face any stress or discomfort and the experts will save your valuable time finishing your project as quickly as possible. So what are you waiting for? Rely on Stop Digging as their ground screws are designed to last and meet the demands of the Building Code Deck NZ for durability.

Here are some more advantages ground screws are known for:

  • They are a cheaper alternative compared to the traditional method.
  • Ground screws work in most soils and frost.
  • They are installed quickly.
  • You can use these foundations right away after the service is provided.
  • You won’t face any damage at all to the ground where screws are mounted.
  • Ground screws are perfect for the environment.

Moreover, if you choose Stop Digging, they will also provide a 25-year guarantee on ground screws. Thus, you can contact them with confidence and start your project as soon as possible. Installations are done all year round, no matter the type of the weather. The team from Stop Digging are available anytime and they also ensure to install in hard-to-access and off-grid areas.

Ground screws offer a greener and more environmentally-friendly solution without sacrificing stability, cost or longevity. It is really fast to install, lightweight, low cost, so investing in it is a wise decision. These ground screws should not be confused with those basic ground anchors or lightweight soil screws from DIY stores that you can install yourself. So whenever you want a carport NZ or you have another project in your mind, hurry up to get in touch with this team!