Under the condition of constant speed, the variable pressure vane pump with adjustable pressure and constant output flow can be adjusted, while the constant pressure and flow rate cannot be adjusted with fixed vane pump. The biggest difference is that the shaft of the variable vane pump is mounted in the center. Simply put, after the speed of the fixed vane pump is selected, his flow rate and pressure are certain and cannot be adjusted.


The output flow of the variable vane pump can automatically adjust the flow according to the pressure change of the hydraulic system (the size of the external load), that is, the output flow is small when the pressure is high, and the output flow is large when the pressure is low, so he can save the number of hydraulic components, thereby Simplifies the oil system and reduces oil heating. The disadvantages are that the flow pulsation is serious, the pressure of the hydraulic system is not stable, the life of the pump is short, and the bearing of the pump is easy to break. Because it is installed with ease, and the pump is noisy.


Vane pumps can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentricity and plunger pumps by adjusting the angle of the slide. The working principle of the fixed vane pump: The sealed volume formed by the stator and the rotor distribution plate is divided into several by the vanes. Each time the rotor rotates once, each sealed space completes the suction and pressure of oil twice, so it is called a fixed vane pump. Working principle of variable vane pumps: Variable vane pumps can adjust the flow of the pump by changing the eccentricity e of the rotor and the stator, so that the hydraulic system can use energy reasonably during work feed, with high efficiency and small oil temperature rise. The change of the eccentricity e can only be realized by moving the stator, because the positions of the rotor and the transmission shaft are limited by the shaft of the prime mover.

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