Mat Hart, Creative director and CCO of Steamforged Mat Hart, Steamforged's CCO and Creative director RuneScape Gold for sale, said: "The rich RuneScape universe will translate beautifully to tabletop or board games and using a crowdfunding platform and other dedicated community spaces allows us to engage directly with fans who love RuneScape or Old School RuneScape throughout development."

Steamforged Games has also revealed the first glimpse and key details of the Dark Souls tabletop roleplaying game to be launched in the spring of 2022. The game was first teased in December, with an unexpected trailer launch Steamforged has confirmed Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game will be a completely separate RPG that will be powered by rules from the fifth edition which are enhanced with Dark Souls mechanics.

The book draws inspiration from the rich lore and the world-class gameplay Dark Souls video games by From Software and Bandai Namco Entertainment, inside the lavishly illustrated, hardback-bound core book, players will discover a custom-made character class and a brand new magic system, and a full bestiary teeming with Dark Souls creatures.

The Steamforged Dark Souls tabletop range has sold over 500,000 units with an estimated retail value of almost $40m. Mat Hart, Creative director and chief creative officer at Steamforged Games, stated: "Dark Souls has been an essential IP for Steamforged since its inception, and one that is close to our hearts. So to finally bring Dark Souls to the tabletop as a role-playing game is an absolute thrill for us as well as for the people who love it."

The news is announced alongside an update for Old School Runescape with a emphasis at Iron Man. As well as bug fixes and bug fixes, the latest update comes with an online chat for groups and a loot announcement with quest accomplishments fight achievements, as well as level milestones that also get an announcement in the chat rs gold 2007. The update will be released in the coming days that will concentrate on the expansion of storage in groups in addition to emergency teleports shards going into houses owned by group members.