There's a range of books that can help you understand economics, but they might not all be suitable for you! To increase your knowledge on the subject, you'll want to find a book that is suitable for your level of knowledge. For example, if you've already taken a college course on microeconomics, you'll want something more advanced. However, if you have little to no knowledge of economics, you'll want to start with a basic introductory guide!

On the other hand, What are the best bookkeeping books? Look no further than this post for the top 5 bookkeeping books for beginners. They can help you learn everything from double entry bookkeeping and cash flow management to basic bookkeeping terminology. Our list features books from some of the best bookkeeping authors and they're guaranteed to help you grasp the fundamentals of bookkeeping.

It might seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and instructions you can become a pro bookkeeper in no time!

Top 5 All-Time Books on Bookkeeping

  1. 1. Keeping The Books

By Linda Pinson

  1. 2. Bookkeeping Basics

By Debra L. Ruegg and Lisa MVenkatrathnam

  1. 3. E to Z bookkeeping

By Barron’s E – Z series By Kathleen FitzPatrick and Wallace W. Kravitz

  1. 4. The E Myth Bookkeeper

By Micheal E. Gerber, Roberts Debbie, Peter Cook

  1. 5. Bookkeepers Boot Camp

By Angie Mohar

Microeconomics is the study of how individual consumers and sellers interact in markets for goods and services. Microeconomics focuses on how a person's incentives impact the decisions he or she makes that affect the availability and prices of goods and services in markets. Microeconomics is a bit more abstract than Macroeconomics and uses a lot of maths and statistics. Here are a few useful Microeconomics books that can be helpful in your studies.

Top 5 Best Microeconomics Books Of All Time

  1. 1. CoreMicroeconomics

by ( Eric Chiang)

  1. 2. Microeconomics for today

by Irvin B. Tucker

  1. 3. Principles of Microeconomics

by ( N. Gregory Mankiw) 

  1. 4. Microeconomics

by Paul Krugman and Robin wells

  1. 5. Advanced Microeconomics Theory

by Felix Muñoz–Garcia


Books are an excellent way to improve your personal and business knowledge. This post has described six reasons why books and reading are important. Books will help you: expand your intellectual abilities, understand important topics more thoroughly, improve your vocabulary, learn more, decrease stress, and become more informed on current events. As a result, Books are a very important tool for success in life and we should all use them wisely.