and create open views of the rim to players who control the Lakers' triumvirate of stars. If you're looking to take down online opponents 2K23 MT, or frustrate their friends playing local multiplayer, the potential brought to the table by the revamped Lake Show will be hard to pass up.

The Knicks are the NBA's most surprising team of the year in the offseason, were looking to make improvements in two areas that are shooting and playmaking. While the perhaps unrealistic solution, a trade for Blazers guard-turned-hip-hop-artist Damian Lillard, never came to pass, the Knicks made two big splashes in free agency.

The Knicks have added sharpshooting wing Evan Fournier and inking All-Star point guard Kemba Walker to a two-year deal following an unexpected contract buyout by the Thunder. Fournier and Walker both received multiple playmaking badges during 2K21 and had three-point ratings of at least 80, could provide offensive firepower to the Knicks in 2K23 while opening up opportunities for star players to break out like RJ Barrett and Julius Randle.

While they're not yet an elite team however, the Madison Square Gardeners are trending in good direction. The Knicks their new offensive core, plus newcomers such as guard Immanuel Quickley, and the high-flying forward Obi Toppin and an abundance of draft picks could be enough to make the Knicks an attractive option for MyNBA players looking to take their team up a notch.

On the other end of the team-building spectrum sit in the Houston Rockets. Away from their Chris Paul and James Harden glory days of the late 2010s, the Rockets team is an odd mix of exciting young talent and old-timers who are reaching the end of their contracts. In the season, Houston furthered its youth progress through the draft adding four players to the first round.

In the second round they picked Jalen Green. The player is entering NBA 2K23 as the 2nd-highest-rated debutant in basketball. At a minimum, Green hopes to offer the Rockets with a spark of speed and athleticism NBA 2K MT Coins. Green could be a fun player for players to master his leaping abilities and shotmaking.