Do you have a construction project? Are you looking for stable ground anchorage that can be cost effective? Rely on Stop Digging and you will have a successful construction project. There is no need to spend a lot of time to carry heavy concrete support posts or mix concrete for digging and then restoring the surrounding ground. With Stop Digging, things become simpler and easier. 

Ground screws can be installed all year round. However, if you rely on concrete, then you will need to wait for it to harden. Thus, things become easier when you choose ground screws. Here are a few reasons why ground screws are so popular. 

  • Ground screws work in most soils and frost.
  • They are installed quickly.
  • You can use these foundations right away after the service is provided.

No matter what weather it is, the professional engineers from Stop Digging offer installations all year round. As they have much experience, they can install in hard-to-access and off-grid areas. Stop Digging’s team ensures to complete your project in the fastest possible manner and without any delay. They also ensure to install without mess or damage to the environment. 

Ground screws can be used as a foundation in both private and public projects. Earth screws can be used for:

    • patios
    • park benches
    • modular building 
    • rubbish bins
    • signs
    • fences
    • carport
    • gazebo NZ
    • noise barriers
    • recycling storage sheds
  • bicycle storage
  • garden rooms

If you decide to build a gazebo in your garden or spacious public area, simply contact Stop Digging. The professionals are always ready to take your ideas and end up creating a stable and strong foundation you want. No matter if it is soft or hard ground, their screws are able to be installed very quickly. The engineers test their screw anchor before offering, so you can be 100% sure that you are investing in a high quality product.

  • Ground screws do not rust
  • They have a long life and are built to last
  • They can be easily removed and reused

Therefore, whenever you decide to build gazebo NZ simply get help from Stop Digging. What’s more, you can also build cabin NZ with a ground screw. Here are a few benefits you will get if you choose this company:  

  • Ground screws save you time to build without casting or digging.
  • They are a cheaper alternative compared to the traditional method.
  • You always get a 25-year guarantee on ground screws from Stop Digging.
  • There will be no damage at all to the ground where screws are mounted.

Stop Digging also offers fixed prices based on a quote. However, note that these prices can vary according to which ground screw you need to use and where in the country you are. Each project is unique and clients have different requirements. Simply contact this team and you will get a free quote. Tell them about your construction project and Stop Digging will exceed your expectations.