Meet Emi, a masseuse and birth Doula, and Erik, who's involved in ESG and investments for banking institutions. They were married on 5 October 2018, inside a ceremony. This was then a drinks reception inside a field at Devil's Dyke, overlooking the South Downs and Brighton, then lunch in Brighton before everyone headed to Emi's parents' garden to party into the night.

"We wanted our day to reflect us. We hoped to talk about a bit of our adventure (our travel) and take everyone with an adventure around."

From Brighton vintage boutique, Emi chose an ideal, boho 1970s dress with long, flowing sleeves and also the most amazing crocheted bodice.

"I love vintage clothes and that we try to live as sustainably as you possibly can. I also think there's something magical in regards to a vintage dress. It provided butterflies."

"I started inside a pair of teal satin pumps for that ceremony, but as I knew I was going to become on grass as well as on a bus, etc. I turned into nude rubber heels. Later in the evening as I was dancing in the garden I turned into ballet shoes."

EMI and Erik share an appreciation of music and dancing and first met at the De Pijp music festival in the summer of 2015.

"After 2 yrs together, we continued nine months of traverse Asia, starting within the north of Thailand (where I furthered my study in massage). Our travels took us to Myanmar, Nepal, then towards the jungle in Chitwan, where I was taken by local guides into the wild. These experiences along with all of the challenges you encounter on this type of journey made us closer." Click

Emi's lovely bridesmaids wore burgundy bridesmaid dresses, that they chose from, and silver Om pendants from Emi, which she had made while traveling in India, going to the home of the Dalai Lama.

"My grandma made the bridesmaid bouquets. They were stunning. I bought her teal velvet ribbon and cream lace so she could choose things to tie all of them with. She got excited and used both, just like I would!"

Erik looked great inside a smart Prince of Wales check suit, that they wore by having an orange Paisley print silk tie, bee cufflinks, as well as an elephant print pocket square, as an attractive nod towards the couple's travels in Thailand.

"I requested wild and seasonal. I knew I liked long stems along with a bit untamed (much like me) and for that color, an intimate crimson, and orange (like a nod towards the Dutch side). Erik had orange in the tie and hanky also for that reason."

"Our favorite moments from the day – the ceremony itself is special. We smiled and laughed a lot. After the ceremony standing on Devil's Dyke with one another and toasting using the whole family would be a beautiful moment. The sun shone and it had been breathtaking. We toasted my Auntie Anna who passed the year before and that we felt she was there around in that moment."

After the ceremony, it had been back to the bus and also over to Devil's Dyke for drinks and photos, and such a breathtaking setting!

"Our first dance ended up being to Dance With me by Nouvelle Vague. The lyrics are personal to us and we love the quirky sound."

"We were built with a Dutch folk band who we met around the street in Hastings – these were playing eventually in front of Marrakesh Artisan. Coincidence!"

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Don't put money into things that you don't mind about. If both of you don't mind concerning the cake, maybe you don't have to spend a fortune there. But then both of you love another thing spend the cash there."

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