The old times where customers used to queue up in congested grocery stores and supermarkets is over now. With smartphones and access to the Internet, the shoppers of today can order different kinds of products anytime from anywhere.

Grocery ordering is one of the important tasks that run every household in the world. The rapid advancement of technology has influenced the promising business of grocery ordering and delivery too. The global market for online grocery delivery is set to increase to a humongous $663.33 billion in 2024 with a 25.02% annual growth rate.

Instacart is an important player in this trending business opportunity as they offer online grocery ordering and delivery services across 5500 cities in the USA and Canada.

Entrepreneurs ambitious to make a mark in the intensely competitive e-grocery market can do it successfully through Instacart clone app development by joining hands with a knowledgeable and skilled app development company.

The numerous facets that play a part in deciding the cost of curating an app like Instacart are

  • The tech stack utilized for development — An app like Instacart handles millions of orders regularly. Several technologies are used in its front-end and back-end for interruption-free functioning. It includes programming languages and tools like Flutter, Google Maps API, Java, Kotlin, MongoDB, MySQL, Python, React Native, Twilio, and Xamarin.
  • The period of development — It will range from a few weeks to some months depending on the business requirements of the firm and the operational scope of the Instacart clone app.
  • Salary paid to the developers — The development team will charge specific rates per hour to provide their services. It comprises financial analysts, marketing specialists, mobile app developers, project managers, QA testers, and technical support executives
  • Additional services — The business enterprise has to spend extra costs for availing maintenance assistance, adding software updates to an app like Instacart, and technical support.
  • Other factors — Aspects like the level of customization required by the firm, the complexity of features, and cross-platform compatibility can also increase the total budget of Instacart clone app development.

Final Thoughts

An app like Instacart has a strong business model and entrepreneurs can earn a consistent revenue with minimum operational costs. It results in an increased market share and the utmost satisfaction of the needs and wants of shoppers.