Fulvestrant is a cancer medicine sold under the brand name Fulvant. It is used for the treatment of patients with breast cancer. This medication is expected to manage tumors that are HR-positive. It is available in the fixed-dose strength of 250mg/5ml. The side effects of fulvestrant injections may include cloudy urine, difficulty in breathing, fever, and nausea. Magicine Pharma sells anti-cancer regimens at affordable rates. You can enquire about the price & availability and order online.


Imarech is a prescription medicine used for treating some cancers. It is used in the treatment of patients diagnosed with Philadelphia chromosome-positive leukemia. The medicine also helps treat gastrointestinal stromal tumors. It is available with a strength of 400mg as oral tablets. The side effects of imatinib mesylate 400 mg tablet may include fever, chest discomfort, blood in the urine, etc. Purchase such medicines at a low price. Save up to 23%.