The use of scented candles

1. Use time of scented candles: It is recommended to burn for 2-3 hours each time. After stopping burning, open the windows to ventilate the indoor air.

2. Scented candles are not suitable for use on the dining table, because the fragrance will mask the aroma of the food. Of course, some scented candles have the effect of suppressing appetite, which is the favorite of women who lose weight.

3. Aromatherapy candles can be used in bathrooms, offices, psychotherapy and other spaces. Scented candles can be given as gifts for housewarmings, business gifts, birthday gifts, sickness, condolences, etc.

4. It should be avoided to use different scented candles in the same space at the same time. If it is mixed with other scents, it may produce strange scent combinations, so it is recommended to use one scent in the same space, and then use another scent after ventilation. fragrance.

5. When using, take the candle out of the box, cut the wax wick to 0.6cm long before lighting, and place it on a fireproof container. Burning candle containers will be hot to the touch, so they need to be extinguished and cooled before moving. To avoid disaster, please use it when there are people.

Cleaning and maintenance of scented candles

1. It is best not to burn for more than 2 hours each time.

2. Keep the wick vertical and the length is preferably 0.5 cm and clean the wick frequently.

3. If the flame is too small, please put out the candle first and then pour out the wax carefully.

4. The candle must be placed on a heat-insulating surface when burning.

Cleaning of scented candles

1. Regularly use a rag or paper towel dampened with water to wipe the shell of the scented candle clean.

2. If the wax scented candle inside is stained with dust, it can also be gently wiped off with a paper towel, and it should be cleaned regularly to avoid too much dust and be difficult to handle.

3. When not in use, cover it with plastic bags or plastic wrap to reduce contact with air and contamination with dust.

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