KaterBlue makes it easy to connect directly with yacht owners and professionals for a perfect bareboat/yacht boat and yacht charter or hire an experienced professional to join you as a crew member(finding yacht crew and obtaining places for yacht crew).

Diving sailing and kayaking tours

Diving is a truly great experience. Floating above the seabed among colorful fish and sea weed, a new world opens for you. Now imagine you can dive in any location of your choosing, with your own personal instructor, for a reasonable price. The secret of KaterBlue is that it is made by and for people with a passion for water experiences such as fishing. We bring you in contact with the greatest diving instructors, without you having to subscribe to an agency, without tuition and waiting periods. If you have a diving sailing and kayaking tours certificate you can just hop on and go. If you don’t the diving instructor can give you an introduction and you can see for yourself if you wish to take it further. The fact that our offers are open-ended removes a certain barrier for a lot of people. Whether it is snorkeling or deep-sea diving, whether it is in combination with a boat and yacht sales charter, our diving tours appeal to all lovers of the Big Blue

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Yacht Charters

Our boat owners offer a great variety of charters, ranging from simple hourly rentals to all-inclusive tours with a captain and crew, meals, drinks and possibly sightseeing. It all depends on the creativity of the ones who offer and the demands of the ones who book trough KaterBlue. Although the possibilities are endless, we have listed some of the most popular and common charters below.

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Yacht & Boat Sales

For many people, the most amazing feature of KaterBlue is the opportunity to combine chartering with selling and buying boats through our platform. In such cases, chartering functions as a form of trial trip, but more extensive, so potential buyers have all the time they want to find, test out and get accustomed to a certain vessel. We give buyers the chance to buy a boat they really like and feel totally comfortable with, and sellers can profit from the charters while doing little effort and eventually find a suitable and reliable boat buyer.


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