It is also anticipated that there will be some server downtime for this week's update, and also the start of Season 1, but no official details have waiting to be verified by developers Lost Ark Gold. Be sure to check back with DualShockers on Monday for the complete maintenance schedule for servers and Lost Ark patch notes.

The next update for Lost Ark which is due to arrive tomorrow, is making use of Steam's trusted account features in order to take on bots. Steam accounts who have lost - or are not yet earning the platform's 'trusted' status are being denied access to various options as part of an effort to stop bots who are currently invading the game.

New Steam accounts are classified as 'limited' until they make an order of at least $5 USD in Steam's Steam store. Then, the limited accounts can't use the majority of the social featuresas a part of Valve's attempt to prevent fraud on Steam. Today, the Lost Ark devs are using that same feature to battle bots within the MMO.

Since this weekly change, Lost Ark players with small Steam accounts will no longer be able initiate player-to player trades, though trade requests can be accepted. Also, they will not be able in-game gifts, swap Royal Crystals for gold, or even send messages in-game using attachments.

"Additional enhancements to our anti-cheat tools are also available in this update , to prevent cheaters and bots," the devs say in the announcement "alongside a few more changes we've developed in conjunction with Smilegate RPG behind the scenes. We can't spill all our secrets because the people who are involved in these crimes will be caught out. We know this won't solve everything cheapest Lost Ark Gold, so we'll continue to crack down on those engaging in fraudulent purchases and bots."