What is Cenforce D?

Today millions of people are suffering from sexual problems and are looking for the right treatment for which the best treatment is ED pills in humans. Which can be treated quickly and effectively. It is very important to have complete information about ED pills before taking them. Therefore, the drug can give good results.

Cenforce D has proven to be the best in various ED tablets. This medicine can give you very good results in just one dose. It allows the man to have a very strong erection for a long time during an intimate session. Millions of men around the world admit that they enjoy using this drug more than they have ever experienced. The active ingredients in the drug are sildenafil citrate and Dapoxetine. Men with erectile dysfunction are unable to get an erection and cannot maintain it for long to get satisfying sensual pleasure. To achieve a special relationship between couples, a well-satisfied lovemaking session is important. Erectile dysfunction affects not only a person's personal life but also his or her intellectual or emotional health. This medication is usually taken only once. It is important to consult a doctor once before taking this medicine.


How to increase Your self-Erection Now This Drag

This drug works just like any other ED pill. The main function of this drug is to improve blood flow to the penis in men. The active ingredient in the drug is sildenafil citrate and Dapoxetine which slowly relaxes the tight blood vessels in the human penis and allows blood to flow through them. This helps men achieve erection during sexual activity and maintain strong erection for a long time. This drug has proved to be a boon to couples. This medication is usually effective for 36 hours so it should be taken only once a day. It is important to consult a doctor once before taking this medicine.


What Are The Precautions Needed To Take This Medicine?

Be well informed of the precautions advised with the taking of this drug, which is inclusive of:

  • If you have liver infection, this drug is not for you.
  • If in the past 6 months, you have had a stroke, you cannot take this medicine.
  • If you suffer from low blood pressure or high blood pressure, you should not take this drug.
  • If you suffer from kidney disease or you are on dialysis, you cannot take this medicine.
  • If in the last 6 months, you have had heart problems such as a heartbeat that has been unusual or life-threatening or you have had a heart attack, this drug is not for you.
  • If you suffer from dehydration, you should not take this remedy.
  • If you have had heart failure, this medication is not for you.
  • If you suffer from bleeding diseases, you should not take this tablet.
  • If you have erections that are prolonged and painful, you should not take this medication.


Symptoms That May Happen Because Of The Utilization Of The cenforce D Pill:

There are often side effects from taking the drug, but many men do not experience any side effects from taking the drug. No need to worry if they experience side effects. There are no harmful side effects associated with it. But if you experience side effects for a long time, it is very important to consult your doctor immediately. As well as the common side effects may be as follows:


  • Flushing or redness of the face
  • Mild headache
  • Blocking of nose
  • Drying of eyes
  • Eye swelling
  • Nausea
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Rhinitis

These side effects are related to dehydration and can be overcome by increasing water intake.


  • Erection longer than 4 hours
  • Loss of vision
  • Loss of hearing

Although these severe side effects are rare, consult your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any of the mentioned ones.


Cenforce 150 What Is Its Dose? How To Take It?

The proper time to take the medicine is about 60 minutes before you want to have sex. With or without food, you can take this. It is important that you note that you can take this medicine only once in 24 hours. As well as more effective results can be obtained if the drug is taken orally with water. As well as high fat foods and addictive substances should not be consumed, drink plenty of fluids with the drug to get the most benefit from the drug, etc.

The drug is available in many different strengths such as:

  • Cenforce
  • Cenforce 100
  • Cenforce 200
  • Cenforce 150
  • Cenforce 50
  • Cenforce 25
  • Cenforce professional
  • Cenforce FM
  • Cenforce soft
  • Cenforce 120

Which dose is best for you will depend on your current and past medical condition and also your age.



Cenforce D 160 mg should be stored at room temperature between 15-30 degrees Celsius. The drug should keep it away from excessive heat and moisture. It should not be taken once expired.


Precautions to be taken

  • You should avoid alcohol while taking pills. It can lead to headaches and drowsiness and slow down the effect of the medication.
  • You can avoid the consumption of grapefruit juice as it may interact with the drug and reduce its effectiveness.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children
  • Please consult with your doctor for case-specific recommendations
  • You should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while taking the medicine
  • Please avoid taking the medicine if you have a history of liver and kidney disorders



Drug Interactions

Drug interaction is widespread when two or more drugs are taken simultaneously. Some medicines that can potentially interact with Cenforce D 100 + 60 mg are:

  • Medications used to treat Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Drugs used for treating cardiac disorders, e.g Nitrates, α-Adrenergic medications like Doxazosin, etc.
  • Medicines used in blood-related disorders
  • Antidepressants can potentiate their effects
  • Anti-epileptic drugs can neutralize the effects

Disease Interaction

  • Renal dysfunction
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Priapism
  • Alcoholism
  • Hearing loss
  • Liver disease
  • Retinitis pigmentosa
  • Seizure disorders


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