Add additional features to help differentiate builds so everyone does not feel similar. You should have the ability to MT NBA 2K21 have a complete and aggressive construct without a badge. Then just have a few badges your player. For instance, badges like heart crusher or cool-down ball are seldom used because you need badges to actually hit shots and play defense. But if the characteristics do this then the badges may be utilized as a enjoyable luxury instead. Alot of people that I played last year ceased playing with this year due to the grind and they got tired of playing on the same player. The men and women who like grinding gamers may still grind overall and vc, but everyone should not be forced to grind a game that's for pleasure.

Pretty obvious here. I shouldn't have to learn a jumpshot timing that is different for every mode I perform. I should not be getting kicked out of neighborhoods and games. I should not have to Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins wait forever for a game or get stuck onto the rec loading screen. Not all of this is the servers, but NBA 2K21 makes a lot of cash to still have these fundamental gameplay issues.