POE Kirac's Vault Pass exists alongside the free challenge system, and players earn its rewards in the Atlas endgame. Purchase your pass to unlock access to the Chirac Vault, and complete Atlas objectives for up to eight unique item skins.

Among these unique items, the Bloodthirsty Headhunter skin causes the skulls of rare enemies to explode when you steal their abilities. When blocking, the Indomitable Aegis Aurora skin emits an energy shield.

Unique item skins are purely cosmetic and do not convey any game advantage. However, players still need to obtain the applicable unique items. POE Currency is indispensable for players in the game, it will help you deal with enemies better, RPGStash can help you get it quickly.

In patch POE 3.18.1b, Kirac's Vault Pass has received new improvements and fixes, allowing players to redeem additional copies of unique weapon skins obtained through Kirac's Vault Pass. Players can explore in the base game and the Sentinel League.

Stackable items dropped from Metamorphs will no longer drop multiple stacks of the same item. Instead, they are organized into a single combined item stack. Additionally, if Nova is knocked back by the Arcane Buffer modifier, the player has a 2.5-second cooldown.

The POE version update mainly focuses on improving game mechanics. To avoid the problem of the repeated triggering of the energy shield and give players a smoother experience. Additionally, two instance crashes and erratic interactions between the Celestial Plague Carrier and the Golden Character Effect microtransaction have been fixed. Greatly improved the game experience.

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