Sneakers on the sole main

Sneakers with soles are the trend in the coming season. Imagine athletic sneakers as the sole main.

If you incorporate a sporty  jordan 4 metallic purple design that athletes wear into your daily life, the fancy and colorful sole will surely update the basic and casual coordination such as denim at once and make it shine in the city.

Bold and colorful sneakers

Even though it is bold and Karafuto, there are various things such as printed items. Some designer brands have brand prints for a long time, but recently, various prints have come out from sneaker brands, so why not try to find the one that suits you best?



Chunky sneakers

This chunky sneaker is said to come next to the dad sneaker. Chunky is a platform sneaker with a thick sole. Dad is voluminous and cute, but sometimes it's difficult to have a casual impression.

Some people said that they couldn't wear it even if they wanted to wear it because it was difficult to match it with dresses, but many chunky sneakers have the same design as normal sneakers, so it is recommended for those who can't afford to wear dads.

Sneakers are no longer a transient boom, but an indispensable keyword when talking about fashion. Here, every other week, the editorial department introduces the sneakers that are most worrisome now.

The 17th time is the arrival of new sneakers that will be released in June, just before the summer season. A lineup of notable works with a light design that is perfect for the coming season, centered on the main brands that lead the sneaker scene!

Compared to the usual lineup, "VANS Vault" is a high-end line that adds essence from cultural aspects such as music, art, and sports. The new work is "ATHLETIC", which is especially popular among the masterpiece models of many brands.

This work prints a graphic jordan 4 metallic purple image of acid-washed denim that has been discolored mottled on the entire body. Combined with the texture of a high-quality premium campus, it has a luxurious finish.