Use the arrow keys to jump and overcome obstacles in an endless tunnel in space. Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the tunnel to make it easier for you to pass. run 3
In the game, you will play as a gray alien and adventure in endless space tunnels. There are two modes in the game: Explore mode and Infinite mode.
In explore mode, you will pass the maps from easy to difficult levels. Each time you pass a map, you will unlock a new map. Pay close attention to the unsafe holes! If you fall out of the hole, you will be lost in space. It will force you to run that route again. Players will experience many different tunnels. Along the way, you will meet your friends and get their help.
And if you want to surpass other players and be able to make your name on the ranking board, then you should choose the infinite mode - Unlimited running mode. You will collect coins in the tunnels when playing this mode. Collected coins can help you continue your run or buy a new character. Be careful when collecting coins! You may be sucked out of the tunnel! The game ends!