Giant Puruu Wolverine Monster Lost Ark Gold Location Leyar Terrace

Follow the direction to the southeast from the Land of Puruus Triport. In the next area, it is possible to stay to the west and then head toward the southern exit to the left of the rock. There is a Giant Puruu Warrior there.

Lonesome Gerod Monster Location - Borea's Domain

Take a break from the Rift of Mayhem at the northern exit, and then head east in the area where you will arrive. There is a deadend path that runs south. There are several Lonesome Gerods.

"Mad Lead Flamingo Monster Location - Leyar Terrace

In the direction of The Mistfog Shelter Triport. Walk a little way to the east and then south , at the signpost, to the flamingo zone. Take the east-facing side of the area until you see an unfinished cart on the rocks. The Mad Lead Flamingo can be found in this area.

Awe-inspiring Trill Monster Location Borea's Domain

Go north through the cheap Lost Ark Gold Forlorn Camp Triport and then west into the south part of the two large areas on West side of Borea's Domain map. As you enter the area keep to South of the area and work toward northwest corner. You'll be able to find your Merciless Trill.