Build an automated P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform like remitano and disrupt the crypto industry with revolutionary tech infrastructure called Remitano clone script. Join over 10+ crypto exchanges that are being powered by us.

Which one to choose? Remitano clone vs Localbitcoins clone:

When looking at both the exchanges Remitano & Localbitcoins, the similarity is Peer to peer nature. But when you look deeply, there are many differences in cryptocurrency support, transaction fees and user functionalities. Remitano is slightly advanced by supporting 16+ crypto while Localbitcoins support only bitcoins.

If you are the person who wants to launch a bitcoin exchange with minimalistic design, try our localbitcoins clone. Or else if you want the peer-peer exchange with modern UI, multi crypto support, try our Remitano clone. 

Why go for a cryptocurrency exchange like remitano?

Remitano is the successful P2P crypto exchange for the last several years and holds the dominant position in the market. When copying the existing business structure of Remitano, startups & entrepreneurs feel easy to reap the benefits.

Also, without any regulations or third-party interference, Remitano exchange enables users to buy, sell, or trade all virtual cryptos. This is the most sought advantage crypto enthusiasts are excited to get started.

How can you make money with a Remitano Clone?

Our exchange clone script is designed in such a way to generate revenues through various modes escalating a greater business market. Remitano clone script is equipped with following revenue models like,

Generation of commission fees: The user while performing trading, will be subjected to give a certain percentage of funds as commission to the exchange owner.This is the popular module used by 90% exchanges right now.

Inclusion of publication fees: Introduction of new cryptocurrencies in the exchange platform like remitano and the trading carried out will assure to bring money as the publication fees. Token owners are charged with certain money for publishing their crypto inside an exchange.

Promoting functionalities: Promotion activities like ads injection, banner creations, making sponsorship content are the revenue streams you can use in exchanges. The newly launched crypto projects can be advertised in exchange with specific charges.

Features of our remitano clone script:

Escrow trade: When users start the trade process, the specified amount of cryptos you want to buy are transferred from the seller’s wallet and held locked on the exchange escrow system.

High security: Our script is secured with high security layers like Escrow, CSRF protection, DDOS attack prevention and 2FA authentication.

Modernized tools: Users are enabled to keep track of the price movements of cryptocurrencies and trade at the right time to get high incomes.

User dashboard: Users are given options to enumerate the payment options, live prices, transactions, account activities, trade history, wallet balances.

KYC verification: Personal data such as full name, date of birth, country of origin, and country of residence are provided and after this information has been supplied from the exchange platform.

Multilingual system: For accessing a cryptocurrency exchange to all language users, the script provides multi language support which is the best option.

Admin commission settings:  The clone script offers the settings in the admin panel where users can adjust the commissions in percentage based on their own preference.

Device management: Device management can give users to control device access, as well as view device information and access records. 

Security features of our clone script:

  • Two factor authentication
  • Escrow protection
  • CSRF protection
  • Jail login guard
  • https authentication
  • End To end encryption

What makes our remitano clone script different?

We created a remitano clone with current features of Remitano and adding more sustainable releases in the pipeline. You will get lifetime updates in our script and regular testing is conducted to deliver crystal clear user experience.

The expertise in code architecture & reusability will differentiate us from our competitors. Some of the other peculiar features you can’t get from others.

  • Lightning network development
  • Multi-sig wallet
  • Affiliated programs integration
  • Liquidity API
  • Leverage Margin trading.

Steps to install remitano clone script: 

Step 1 - Register your domain & hosting

Step 2 - Buy our remitano clone script

Step 3 - Deploy on your local server

Step 4 - Relabel with your brand & iterate the UI design

Step 5 - Integrated the payment gateway(banking partner required for Fiat)

Step 6 - Get regulatory compliance & license(according to your country law)

Step 7 - Test out all the features & make it live in hosting server

Why hivelance for remitano clone development?

Hivelance is the well recognized organization providing best in class Remitano clone development services in the crypto space. We are the makers of some popular exchanges out there. Get in touch with us to view our client portfolio. We have well skilled developers,QA analysis team, app developers working round the clock for rendering best outcomes.

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