We all rely on our Gmail accounts to keep our lives going smoothly. We utilize a multitude of Gmail services everyday, all of which are linked to our Google account. Your Gmail account contains all of your personal information, including your travel history, credit card details, and much more. We all sync our information to our Gmail accounts for protection, however there may be certain information that we do not wish to save in Gmail. This information can be anything for your location data to payment information and so on.


Gmail saves everything, which is a good thing especially when you need information about something. However, sometimes we might not want certain information saved on Gmail account. We may choose to remove this information after a specified period of time, or we may not wish to retain it at all. It might range from your email to your location history. You may simply erase information from your Gmail account after a specified length of time by following the instructions indicated in this handy article.

Follow the procedures outlined in this post by Gmail Support Australiaif you wish to automatically remove your Gmail account's location history.

Steps to automatically remove location history data from Gmail

  1. Visit Gmail and click the PROFILE PIC button in the upper right corner of the screen to view your profile photo.
  2. Select GoogleAccount from the menu drop-down.
  3. Then, on the left, select DATA AND PERSONALIZATION.
  4. To use this function, click MANAGE YOUR ACTIVITY CONTROLS under the ACTIVITY CONTROLS section.
  5. To reach the Auto-Delete option, go down and click on the AUTO-DELETE ANYTHING OLDER tab.
  6. After selecting a time, click the NEXT button at the bottom of the screen to continue.
  7. Adjust the settings by selecting SET UP AUTO-DELETE FOR LOCATION.
  8. Before leaving the screen, make certain to save any changes made.

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