How to use scented candles 1. How long does it take to burn for the first time?

Just got a new candle, what will you do first thing? It must be lighted up! But be aware that when lighting a candle for the first time, don't think about lighting it for more than ten minutes and blowing it out after smelling the scent. You must wait for the entire wax surface to melt before you can put out the candle. As for the length of the first lighting, it depends on the size of your candle.

This can ensure that the entire wax surface is flat, otherwise the wax surface that has not been burnt will not burn again when it is ignited next time. The shallow pits formed on the wax surface will gradually become deeper after being ignited again and again. The wax was wasted ever since. After you light the candle, you should wait until the wax surface has been burned for a full circle before extinguishing it, so as to maintain its uniform wax surface.

Aromatherapy candle usage 2. Precautions when lighting

In addition to ensuring that there is enough space near the candle and no flammable materials such as cloth or paper, you should also pay attention not to place the candle in a place where the wind is exposed, such as the air-conditioner, the outlet of a fan, or the position next to the window. Being blown by the wind will cause the flame to swing from side to side, which will easily cause uneven wax surface, and secondly, it will affect the intensity of the volatile fragrance.

In addition, the wick should be trimmed every time before lighting the candle to maintain the length of the wick at about 0.6-0.8cm. A long wick will not only affect the heat transfer, but will also produce black smoke and burnt odor when it is lit. Therefore, most scented candle lovers have a set of utensils, which must include candle wick hinge scissors. If you don’t want to buy additional equipment, nail clippers are also a good substitute.

How to use scented candles 3. Do not blow out the candles by mouth

When the candle is used up, most people will blow the candle to extinguish it. But doing so will also form black smoke and burnt smell, and one accidentally blows the candle wick into the molten wax.

The correct way to extinguish the candle is to cover the candle wick with the included candle cover or candle cover to isolate the flame from contact with oxygen, so as to reduce the generation of black smoke and burnt odor. If you are afraid of the black smoke traces on the lid, after extinguishing the candle with the lid, use a tissue to wipe the lid lightly, and the candle will return to its clean and concise appearance.

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