Remember that slogan "plastics make it possible"? It's truer than you know. But whereas flimsy plastic furniture of yore was a poor example of the possibility of the synthetic material, today's resin ghost chairs are a far different and superior product. Poly resin plastics are synthetic chairs made out of a plastic and resin compound. This means that it's a renewable resource that will never run out, and it's easy to replicate the exact same chair over and over again, unlike with handmade craftsmanship. But aside from that, just why has the resin chair skyrocketed in popularity in just the past few decades?

A Resin chair are affordable
This is definitely one of the top three reasons people cite when they buy resin chairs. Plastics in general are cheap because of their availability, and low cost of creating the material and manufacturing it. Things like wood, which require logging, transporting, crafting and replanting efforts, can cost twice as much. And even though you may have to replace your furniture a little more often, you're paying less overall and you have the benefit of picking out new stuff every few years.

Resin chairs are waterproof
Moisture, whether it be rain, dew or humidity, can mean an early death sentence for your patio furniture. In wood, excessive moisture can lead to peeling paint, warped or rotted wood, and even a black mold buildup. For metals, moisture obviously means rust, and what's even worse is saltwater, which speeds up the rusting process. Resin chairs, however, are impervious to damage in this respect.

Resin chairs are light
It's not uncommon to hear someone complaining about throwing out their back after having moved heavy furniture, and patio furniture is no different. But at the same time, people move outdoor furniture around more than they do indoor furniture to accommodate a number of different factors, like the weather. Or they take their chairs with them on trips to the beach. Wrought iron and wooden chairs can be cumbersome and heavy, great if you don't plan on moving your furniture around, a hassle if you do. But resin chairs are made out of a much more lightweight material that's filled with air pockets and only weighs a fraction of what other chairs do.

Resin chairs are easy to clean and maintain
Plastics are a cleaning lifesaver, just ask any mother or chef. The material is smooth and waterproof, so you can clean it off with a hose, a rag, or any number of cleaners. However, the plastic is somewhat porous, so stains should be wiped off as soon as they are noticed, and avoid strong solvents, which can leave a sticky residue on plastic furniture.

Resin chairs are versatile
Because of the nature of plastic, it can be molded into many different kinds of looks and shapes. Often, resin chairs are molded to look like wood and stone furniture both visually and in texture. In this way, you can still capture the essence and traditional look of natural materials, with the ease and convenient maintenance afforded by plastic.

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