Notary Public Services play a crucial role as a public officer, delivering a variety of legal services to Powers of Attorney, foreign and international business, deeds, and estates.


A Notary Public is authorized to handle all types of non-contentious legal matters, including the preparation and witnessing of legal papers for international use.


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What Exactly Is A Public Notary?

A Notary Public is a law enforcement official who holds a globally recognized public office. A Notary's duties and responsibilities include preparing, attesting, authenticating, and certifying deeds and other international papers. These documents may be for private individuals or businesses.


Notaries are also authorized to conduct the regular legal activity, such as conveyancing and probate, outside of court procedures. They have the authority of a Commissioner for Oaths.


In England and Wales, Notaries are primarily concerned with the authentication of papers and information intended for use in foreign nations by clients with overseas businesses or property or who are litigants in foreign courts.


In the majority of instances, a Notary will serve as an impartial, legally-trained witness to authenticate and attest to the execution of papers.


The Primary Responsibilities of Notary Public Services

The most important responsibilities of a Notary include:


  • documenting powers of attorney that can be used beyond the United Kingdom; wers of attorney that can be used beyond the United Kingdom; 


  • purchasing or selling property outside of the United Kingdom


  • people who are overseas or own a property abroad; supplying 


  • paperwork for the administration of their estates


  • applying for immigration or emigration, as well as to marry or work overseas, by verifying personal documents and information.


  • verifying the legitimacy of firm records and financial transactions.


Documents processed by a Notary are referred to as "notarial actions." These may be in public or private form, with the latter generally limited to signing as a witness. Public action is required when a Notary attests to facts that he or she has personally verified. Each client's identification, legal capacity, and comprehension of the document, as well as their authority if signing on behalf of another party, such as a limited liability company, must be confirmed by the notary.


Is A Notary Also A Solicitor?

Notaries are frequently also attorneys, however, this is not always the case. Notaries constitute a distinct branch of the legal profession.

Individuals who also serve as Notaries are required to maintain their other professional or business activities separate from their Notary duties, meaning that attorneys who also serve as Notaries do not often offer advice on the meaning or effect of a document. This should be provided by an independent attorney.


Is A Notary's Signature Or Authentication Sufficient To Complete The Document?

Every country has its own set of rules for document authentication, therefore it's crucial to get in touch with a Notary ASAP to guarantee that all of those rules are met in time. As an example, in many nations, a Notary Public is not enough to authenticate a document; the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is also required.


Appointment And Supervision

Notaries are appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury's Court of Faculties and governed by the Master of the Faculties. The rules governing Notaries are comparable to those governing Attorneys. For the security of their clients and the public, they must be fully insured and maintain fidelity coverage. They must maintain client funds distinct from their funds and adhere to strict practice guidelines and discipline regulations. Notaries must renew their certificates of practice annually and can only do so if they have followed the rules.

Final Thoughts

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