A lot of us have always wanted a way to get a bigger penis—or to fix penile issues.

While there are many enhancement products on the market that promise enlargement, there is one device that stands out among them all.

A doctor created ProExtender in 1994 with the intent of correcting unusual penis shapes without resorting to dangerous surgeries.

Over time, this device became so successful and easy to use that it eventually became available for the general public as well, becoming popular among clinics and even sexual health communities alike due to its strong medical roots based on Peyronie’s Disease treatment.

What is ProExtender?
The ProExtender system is a medical-grade device that can help you enlarge your penis girth and length by up to 24% in three months. ProExtender is among the most reputable penis supplement devices on the market today. It has plenty of experience in the market, as it was created 20 years ago.

These results could affect both how much pleasure you experience during intercourse with your partner (which researchers believe leads to more frequent orgasms) or even just solo use.

Moreover, at no other time have simple exercises had such an instant effect on one’s ability to satisfy intimate moments between themselves and their lover(s).

The ProExtender System was designed by a doctor who wanted to provide comfort with an easy-wear device that you can wear for extended periods. As a non-invasive penis extending method, it relies on your body’s natural mechanism, which grows amidst tension. The same process happens in bodybuilding and orthopedics.

What Are the Benefits of ProExtender?

ProExtender has been shown to increase the length and girth of a man’s penis by 24% on average. The change is noticeable whether erect or relaxed, but with the ProExtender system, you can grow your member at your own pace without any pain whatsoever.

You will likely see results from using this device after a few months if you wear it on your member for 12 hours a day. However, ensure you do not wear it for more hours. Because wearing it for more hours will not result in quicker growth.

Are There Any Areas The ProExtender Falls Behind?
The only downside is that you cannot find ProExtender in stores, you can only purchase the ProExtender online, so you need to ensure you are buying it from a reputable vendor.

However, their website offers three packages to choose from, which we will cover next. Moreover, as with every other device, you will have to keep this device on your penis for a lot of the day (long term) for it to work.

Available Packages
There are three package options available when purchasing the ProExtender. The best option of all three is the Ultimate Package which even includes one-on-one coaching with Penis Enlargement expert AJ Alfaro.

When you get your ProExtender, here is what you will find:

Your ProExtender Carrying Box
A silicone tube strap
A set of half-inch stretching bars
Two sets of 2-inch stretching bars
A comfort strap
The ProExtender Device
A User Guide
Exercise DVD
When it comes to making your member larger and spicing up your sex life, one of the safest ways you can turn to is using a member extender. ProExtender has been proven as a highly reliable product backed by studies that doctors around the world recommend. It’s been in use for 20 years with hundreds of thousands of customers all over the globe who have had great results.

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