Gmail is an excellent platform that gives you access to so many features while ensuring your safety. You can link your Gmail account to so many apps but sometimes certain apps can be a security threat. In such cases app password comes in handy. Do you want to use app password on Gmail? Refer to this article here.

If you are logging in with 2-Step Verification and get a message saying that your password is wrong, you can try signing in with an App Password instead.

Follow the steps below by Gmail Support Australia to create or use an app password on your Gmail account.

Steps to create an use app password on your Gmail account

Step 1:

  1. To access your Gmail Account, sign in and then click profile icon from top.
  2. Select My Google Account option from there to head to Google settings.
  3. Choose the Security option from the menu screen that appears on Window.
  4. You will see a list of options.
  5. Choose App Passwords from the menu that appears under "Signing in to Google."
  6. You will see the SIGN IN button on the screen, so enter login credentials.

If you don’t see the sign in option then there are these possible explanations:

  1. Your account does not currently have 2-Step Verification enabled.
  2. Two-Step Verification is only enabled for access keys at this time.
  3. Your account is associated with your place of employment, educational institution, or another organization.
  4. You have enabled the Advanced Protection feature.

Step 2:

  1. Choose Select app at the bottom, then select the app you're now using.
  2. Next, head below and Select device, and then you'll have to choose the device you're currently using.
  3. Click on GENERATE option when in pops on screen.
  4. To enter the App Password, make sure you follow the instructions on-screen.
  5. The sixteen-character code that is shown in the yellow bar on your smartphone is the App Password.
  6. Tap Done.

Do not worry about having to remember an App Password since, in the vast majority of cases, you will only be required to input it once for each app or device.

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