Climate change effect: 'Snow-white' Alps turning green, says study after  analysing satellite data - Science News


A mountain range known for its snow-capped peaks has developed into crop patches. A comprehensive study of satellite imagery spanning 38 years between 1984 and 2021 has shed light on the grisly spotlight on the massive impact of climate change on Europe's beloved Alps.

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The snow that covered these mountains had not only melted noticeably over the years. But the mountain range is also rapidly "greening," or causing alarming vegetation growth due to factors directly correlated with global warming.

This is a phenomenon that is exacerbated primarily by human activities, for example, like burning coal.An article published Thursday in the journal Science includes the phrase "From White to Green" in its title.

As the world warms and the rainfall increases Both as a result of the climate crisis, plants began to colonize areas they weren't really supposed to be in. Such invasions lead to denser and higher vegetation in surprising areas, such as the situation of the Alps.