Breaking a 20 year old series of buying Madden nfl 21 coins

I have bought every madden every year new since Madden 2001. This is the very first year, due to their negligence of the market mode, where I will not be buying a new installment of Madden. It is unfortunate how a once amazing sports franchise has dropped so much downhill simply as a result of greed and their lust.

Completely agree. I wouldn't have purchased Madden 20 except my buddy bought it when it went on the market and we play with with franchise mode collectively. If it wasn't for my pleasure of kicking his ass, I wouldn't have purchased it. Won't be getting Madden 21 though.

Since I don't enjoy playing online, I have not purchased since 2013 and thought about purchasing but am concerned about Franchise mode. It's just all around dull and stripped. There is no feeing of circumstance ever from the mode and it feels like a gameplay of resetting, doing a draft, also playing with the season. There so there is no feeling of league progression, and stats stored. I literally had to subscribe to the website called daddyleagues so I could catalogue my stats and league history to give some kind of circumstance of my league to myself.

In addition to all that the trade logic of teams is divided as is the draft logic and the way of the AI agency works. It pretty much forces you to play as a coach only so that you can experience those idiotic participant scenarios ( for example a star player will complain when he feels like he isn't getting the ball ) that pop up from time to time but those are completely irrelevant. It's only an overall broken encounter and it. There was a time when madden franchise was so advanced that as an owner you can upgrade your arena to add things such as a field and goal articles and they'd appear like such in the game!

Back in madden 05 you could hire and fire OC/DC and their coaching history was even seen by you and just how the staff they coached for done. How had to deal with players carrying out and position conflicts. They had a talk radio show that spoke about events happening in your own franchise. You can restructure contracts to be either front loaded or back loaded. It is all these things which were in Madden 21 that madden decided to remove and for whatever reason completely neglect to fix in current titles. Adding stats is an incredibly easy thing and yet they've refused to do so for years!! Till they listen to the community that was damn, I am finally done with buy mut coins madden 21 franchise. Enough.