How vintage is our earth? How antique can the planets be? How old can the alternative galaxies in our universe be? How long Earth 2 in the past did the dinosaurs walk the earth, or did they at all? We all have questions that we don't recognize, but listen approximately or see shows approximately on TV, so we pay attention to them and try to consider what they inform us due to the fact we absolutely do now not have the time, nor the expertise to chase down all of the solutions for ourselves... Or will we?

Now here is some thing to reflect onconsideration on... IF there is a Master Designer obtainable, a God that become able to create all matters, isn't it just possible that He might also have made matters already matured, aged, or antique? Isn't it possible that He would additionally have the energy to create matters one manner, then alternate how they paintings? Or maybe increase the timelines a chunk with the aid of using sure physical and/or divine interventions? After all, in keeping with Genesis, He created a person, then a lady... Now not a infant boy and a child lady, proper? And He made birds, now not chicks; fish, now not guppies; and timber, no longer planting seeds. It would most effective be logical to assume that with the maturity of all of those different things that He also made other geological formations in a mature state as well. Maybe it takes gazillions (my own word) of years for our global to make coal, or oil, or diamonds, and many others., but if a Creator should breathe the stars into existence and shape the world, separating land from water via speaking it into life and order, then why could we question whether He ought to have or might have created the relaxation of the arena into a mature livable nation? Scientists, a few with their confined guy-made philosophies and theories, could have us consider that the arena has been here for tens of millions of years and that our universe is possibly billions of years old. I even have some troubles with that logic.

First, do not forget the damage that we've got already performed in the in brief documented records of mankind. We have used innumerable sources, depleting some to vital low stages or absolutely. We have broken our ozone layer. We have completed countless things to contaminate our water, our air, and our land. If our earth is thousands and thousands of years vintage, I in reality believe that we'd have destroyed it through now ourselves, or at least made it uninhabitable. Now, sure, I trust that if God exists, and I firmly believe that He does, He could have enlightened us to new electricity resources, and so on. To keep us going, as He does usually offer. So, this is exceptional, anticipate I'm completely wrong here in case you want.

Where is there any account of history that permits you to absolutely understand and account for the number of years the earth has been in life? The ONLY region I understand of is the Bible itself. If you do not trust inside the Bible as a divine writing or training from God, then don't forget this from a ancient angle, due to the fact the Bible has validated to be very accurate concerning historical evidences.

There are truly a couple of approaches of determining the age of our earth by using using ancient approach inside the Bible, and both result in the equal timeframe. One is thru ancient activities, and the opposite is thru the documented family tree.

Using Historical Events

Beginning with zero (zero) A.D., and counting again to the archeological landmark occasion of the fall of Jerusalem, which has now been corrected to 588 B.C., instead of 586-587 B.C., then counting backwards the number of years prophesied between this event and the department of Solomon's nation (390 yrs. + forty yrs., in step with Ezekiel 4:4-7), could carry us to 1018 B.C. Going from the stop of Solomon's 40-12 months reign to the begin of the Temple in the 4th 12 months of his reign takes us again any other 37 years to 1055 B.C. Then, from the begin of Solomon's Temple "within the 480th year", consistent with 1 kings 6:1, back to the Exodus from Egypt (consequently 479 years previous) brings us to about 1534 B.C. The Exodus out of Egypt to Abraham's getting into Canaan from Haran became exactly 430 years to the day, as we will gather from Genesis 12:10, Exodus 12:forty, & Galatians three:17, for this reason bringing us to around 1964 B.C. Since Abraham entered Canaan at age 75, in line with Genesis 12:four, he changed into born approximately 2039 B.C. From Abraham's start to Noah's grandson (Shem's son), Arpachshad's start, 2 years after the Flood began, turned into 290 years, as we study in Genesis 11:eleven-26. This locations the onset of the Flood at around 2331 B.C. Definitely in the variety of 4,three hundred-four,400 years ago. The family tree of Genesis 5:3-32 precludes any gaps due to its tightly structured chronology, as a consequence giving us 1,656 years between Creation and the Flood, and bringing Creation Week lower back to close to 3987 B.C., or about 4000 B.C.

Therefore, the biblical age of the Earth (the usage of Scripture itself as a manual) is most effective approximately 6,000 years antique!! According to this traditionally documented account, mankind did now not evolve four million years ago on an Earth that is four.Five billion years antique in a universe which become "massive-banged" into existence 18-20 billion years ago in the remote past. Jesus Christ, the Creator Incarnate, said He made mankind male and lady within the beginning, in Mark 10:6, and that once the heavens and the earth had been commanded into being, as study in Genesis 1:1, they "stood up together" (Isaiah 48:13) not billions of years apart !!

Using Genealogy

While we will talk the genealogical approach at period right here, we can now not delve into the character "begets" which might be indexed in the Biblical Scriptures, but rather on the subject greater from an entire context and deeper logical degree. As every student of the Sacred Scriptures is conscious, the Bible consists of prolonged genealogies. These statistics play a crucial function in biblical literature, which is apparent from the amount of space committed to them in God's Word. Furthermore, additionally they provide a exceptional protection of the textual content thru the message they inform. That message is that this: guy has been at the Earth when you consider that the start, and that starting was not very long ago. While genealogies and chronologies serve diverse features within the literature of Scripture, one among their foremost functions is to show the historical connection of superb guys to the unfolding of Jehovah's redemptive plan. These lists, therefore, shape a connecting link from the earliest days of humanity to the finishing touch of God's salvation system. In order for them to have any evidential cost, the lists need to be significantly complete. An article on the situation from Apologetics Press persevered with the subsequent: Yet some Bible believers-determined to incorporate evolutionary dating schemes into God's Word-have complained that the biblical genealogies may not be used for chronological purposes because they allegedly comprise huge "gaps" that render them useless for that cause.