The tractor always comes up to fulfil your expectation and condition. Mahindra Arjun Ultra 1 605 Di & Powertrac Euro 60 tractors deliver all technical specifications and superb features, which provide the option to choose an efficient tractor. These tractors are the most trustworthy and are the best models among the other tractors. Every farmer needs numerous features and tools that are provided by these tractors. You can get these tractor specifications here. 

Mahindra Arjun Ultra 1 605 Di 

  • The 57 HP Mahindra Arjun Ultra 1 605 DI comes with a clutch.
  • It has a robust gearbox with 2 reverse + 8 forward gears. 
  • Moreover, the Mahindra Arjun Ultra 1 605 DI is loaded with a forward speed of 31 kmph.
  • Mahindra Arjun 605 Di is manufactured with modern innovative features that makes farming effortless. 
  • This Mahindra tractor model has a strong pulling capacity of 1650 kg, encouraging tractors to pull and push heavy equipment. 
  • It is a budget-friendly and cost-effective tractor that easily fits a farmer's budget. Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 Di-i tractor price is Rs 8.60 - 8.80 lakh*. 

Powertrac Euro 60

  • This 60 HP tractor provides the main options for constant mesh dual-clutch transmission, hydrostatic steering and oil-immersed brakes.  
  • It is sturdy and flexible, and it is mainly used in crops such as rice, sugarcane, wheat etc. 
  • This Powertrac Euro 60 tractor model is fitted with a gearbox, including 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears. 
  • Powertrac 60 HP tractor has 4 cylinders generating engine rated RPM 2200. 
  • The Euro 60 tractor comes with a 6 Spline shaft type PTO with 540 speed PTO and 1810 ERPM.   
  • This tractor offers a turning radius of 3250 MM that provides the best controllability in fields.

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