Because it is integrated with the electric motor, the Electric Spindle Shaft itself can also be regarded as a high-speed electric motor. There can be many different structural methods, such as induction motors, permanent magnet motors and reluctance motors. The key skill is the dynamic balance at high speed.

Electric Spindle Shaft main accessories equipment A complete electric spindle system should not only include the main shaft itself but also include high-frequency frequency conversion equipment, oil mist smoother, cooling equipment, built-in pulse encoder, tool change equipment and other important related accessories. High-frequency conversion equipment: To increase the processing speed, it is necessary to ensure the high-speed rotation of the electric spindle, and then drive the high-speed operation of cutting things. There is a need for a device as the driving device for the built-in high-speed motor of the electric spindle so that its speed can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times per minute. This is the role of high-frequency frequency conversion equipment. In order to complete the policy, the output frequency of the high-frequency inverter must reach several kilohertz or more. Oil mist smoother: Excellent smoothness can reduce the resistance, wear and heat generation of the equipment.

The smooth demand of the electric spindle strictly follows the principle of punctuality and quantification, that is, every fixed period of time, oil is injected into the bearing once. When filling oil, the lubricating oil is blown into the bearing in the shape of oil mist under the compressed air. The amount of oil is accurately controlled by the metering valve. Too much or too little will have an adverse effect. . Cooling equipment: If the temperature of the electric spindle is too high during operation, it will cause damage to the equipment. In order to dissipate the heat of the high-speed electric spindle, and quickly lower the operating temperature, it is generally necessary to use a circulating coolant. The circulating coolant acts on the outer wall of the electric spindle and takes away part of the heat of the electric spindle. However, if the temperature of the coolant rises after it absorbs heat, it will not have a cooling effect. The significance of the existence of cooling equipment is to maintain the original temperature of the coolant and strengthen the cooling effect. Built-in pulse encoder: This is an orientation detection element based on the principle of the optical sensors, which can complete non-contact detection.

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