In the printer segment, Canon Corporation is the world's most functional printer maker. It is incomparable to other printers due to the greatest printer quality mixed with such incredible features. However, you may have issues when printing that will detract from your overall experience. This isn't the kind of issue that can't be resolved fast, Canon Printer Error Code 5800 Solution. This is a frequent issue that many people have to deal with. The occurrence of this mistake can result in a number of issues. Through its support services, the Printer Experts are available to assist users. 

Canon Printer Error Code 5800: What to Do

A problem with the waste ink absorber is generally to blame. As a result, you'll need to solve them quickly. As a result, we'll look at the Canon Printer Error Code 5800 Solution to see whether it can help you solve the problem. As a result of the issue, the waste ink counter has been reset. Resetting the printer, on the other hand, is frequently required to return the settings to their original condition. You'll need to reset your Canon printer once you've done a few things with it. When doing so, you may experience Canon Printer Error Code 5800. As a result, in this area, we've provided quick remedies.

The Waste Ink Absorber is removed and replaced.

This method can be used to resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5800. This method is fairly common, and it's usually used by programmers. The procedure is as follows:

  • To begin, switch off your printer and plug it into an outlet.
  • Press and hold the stop/hold button while pressing the power button.
  • The printer enters service mode when you let off of the button.
  • Press the stop/reset button if the green light appears to be on.
  • You must repeat this procedure at least four times to reset the waste ink counter.
  • Remarks on the LED Function: The reset button has been pushed.
  • Last but not least, turn on your printer and print a test copy.

Fixing the Printer in Service Mode

You must first switch off the printer before attempting to repair it in service mode. You will use this procedure to try to put the Canon printer into service mode, which may help you solve your problem.

  • The first step is to turn on your Canon printer.
  • After that, press the menu button on the printer.
  • To set your Canon printer into service mode, press the "SCAN," "COPY," and "SCAN" keys in that order.
  • Then, keep pressing the "+" key until the "COUNTER ACCESS" option displays.
  • As you can see, your printer's screen now displays a page counter. The number on it represents the total number of pages you've printed.
  • Now press the "OK" button.
  • Then you'll need to press the "COPY" button.
  • To get this score to zero, use the "-key" (0). Now press the "OK" button.
  • Continue to use the + symbol to navigate the options until you reach SCAN PAGE COUNT. To remove the score from our Canon printer's page counter, reset it to zero (0).
  • Work your way through the menu until you reach the option "ABS-M DONT COUNT." Click the "OK" button to reset this record to zero (0).
  • Press the stop/reset button once you've lowered everything else.
  • Turn your Canon printer off and on again by pressing the on/off button.
  • If your PC displays the INVALID KEY message at the completion of this procedure, disconnect and reattach the printer's power cable.
  • Finally, check to see if the test print command works.

All of the solutions have already been completed by our experts. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you run into any issues during the procedure.