I also like flat colors and its aesthetic, while yes its I enjoy the minimal detail, there is nothing about that kind of thing I enjoyed. The shitty 3 frame animations also give this sort of peaceful stillness. Its certainly concerning the progression rather than RuneScapeplay though, I completely get why folks wonder why people still play this. Achievements feel meaningful. I remember when I got 99 rc and hunter since the joy I felt. Without doing anything for RS gold, I coached rc to get a year that was literal. Other matches hold you and'accomplishments" are commonplace, pursuit on osrs are really charismatic and have tons of personality, better than go kill x and also turn in. Quest unlock a great deal of feel and content worth and weighty doing.

There's also the appeal of never-ending content. I am able to set any goal I wish to for myself and always have fun doing this. Imo my thought process is the opposite, why do people play some other mmo? I mean I play osrs playing mmos a lot of the time. But I'd have to mention it has a good variety of articles, skills feel a whole lot more rewarding most mmos, you can do content independently. Above all its easy to learn and to master. I actually believe the combat is more enjoyable in osrs then most mmos. When you begin doing high end raids in wow, you hit 6 keys.

There's an insane amount of progression in RS. In vanilla Guild Wars 2 (the only other MMO I've put much time into) you might find a close max-power character fairly quickly. You hunt to get a little, got a pair of armour after a few hours of dungeons and you like 95 percent of the way there. Most of the development from then on was merely visual e.g. mythical weapons that were actually just a fancy skin. It is not reassuring or very satisfying.

By contract the road to a max powered personality in RS is incredibly complex and lengthy. There are many stages along how every feel like a significant achievement and improvement over the past. Think about how it felt to first wear a complete set of rune, then wearing your first dragon gear, unlocking the scimmy, barrows gloves. Each step is actually a small one in the grand scheme of things but felt enormous.

After playing for so long that I could now happily drop bosses like Zulrah and Vorkath to get 2m/hr, that feels incredible considering for the longest time that they had been completely out of my league. Yet I understand that it's quite likely to be hitting 3-4m/hr with bis gear and maxed stats. Meanwhile I had been hardly any more powerful countless hours after I received my first set of exotic gear.

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