Almost every kid owns a stuffed toy. Even you probably did, when you were still a child. Now that you have a child of your own, you want your little one to experience the same joy and delight you had from having owned these adorable cuddly toys. As you probably know, stuffed toys provide endless opportunities for active and interactive play. Your kid can do imaginative pretend plays with these stuffed creatures that would hone his creative imagination. You can even put up a puppet show in his puppet theater with these fun toys and teach your kid about moral values. But of course, before your kid could engage in these worthwhile activities, you must first find the right stuffed toys that would be appropriate for your precious child. Here are some tips to consider:

Tip # 1 - Ensure the safety of the stuffed toy

Just like with any toy purchase, safety first! Check out the features of the stuffed creature especially the eyeballs and nose. These parts are usually made of beads, buttons, or any other small things. Make sure that these parts cannot be plucked or pulled by your baby and pose as a choking hazard. Fabric of the toy should be washable, nontoxic and flame retardant. The toy should have no strings, wires, or sharp objects that can harm your little one. Lastly, never give a stuffed toy that is still inside its plastic packaging. Plastic can be a cause for suffocation.

Tip # 2 - Keep in mind your child's age and interest

It is important to choose toys that are age-appropriate because this can contribute to safety and ensure that the toy would be suitable for the kid's level of skill and development. For the first few months, babies should be given bright colorful stuffed toys that give out noise. These toys should also be safe for mouthing. For toddlers, large stuffed creatures would grab their attention. And because they are also still mouthing, choose those that have short pile fabric. By the time your kid reaches 2 years old, you can already determine what things interest him and use this as a basis for purchasing stuffed toys. If your kid seems to be fascinated with animals, large stuffed creatures would be a good option to buy. If your little one adores bright and vivid colors, get him toys in these colors.

Tip # 3 - Choose stuffed toys that have educational value

This type of toys that you can use to teach your kids new knowledge are the ideal purchase. For example, it may be a better option to buy a dog-stuffed toy than a fictional creature stuffed toy because the former can provide you with an opportunity to teach your kid about XXL Kuscheltiere and make him more familiar with this animal.

Kids love stuffed creatures and your precious child would surely have a wonderful time playing with these endearing toys. Just make sure that you choose the right toys that would be enjoyable as well as educational for your kid.